Revival is not coming,

Revival is here

We are contending for a move of God in our generation. Our desire is to see people receive a fresh touch from the Holy Spirit and to walk in the fires of revival. All it takes is one encounter with Him. We want to see the church awakened, disciples made, and people being sent to the four corners of the earth to preach the Gospel.

Is the life your living worth Christ dying for?


Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin

Zechariah 4:10 (NLT)

Souls Won
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Cody and Jona Jones are the founders of Cody Jones Ministries in Walton,KY. They began their journey in life together on June 2, 2018 through marriage. Cody’s hometown is in Hamilton, OH and Jona is from Sparta, KY.

Cody and Jona, though living in separate worlds in 2015-2016, both had a spiritual awakening and recognized a deep need in their hearts to serve the Lord. Cody was away from God and struggling in life through drug addiction and reckless living. Being radically encountered by the Holy Spirit in April of 2011, he knew there was only one HOPE for his life to ever change and His name is Jesus. He entered a discipleship program called Heritage House on January 25, 2016. Through a lifestyle of discipleship and being immersed in the presence of God, Cody began to experience radical change in his heart. 

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Testimonies of Victory Over the Enemy

Without the Holy Ghost you have nothing

Haven't said a lot on Facebook, but my beautiful grandson, Ezra, was born deaf. The first time he came to see me our fire alarm went off and my dogs were freaking out. Ezra didn’t respond.... He had failed 3 hearing tests using electrodes, earbuds, 3 full hearing tests. This wasn’t fluid on his ears. Many people were praying, but our friend, Cody Jones prayed holding onto Ezra’s ears. A few days later when Ezra came to see me, he jumped when the screen door slammed, he turned his head when I played the piano, he was responding to voices! A hearing test at Children’s Hospital later on that week showed Ezra’s ears were working perfectly, and that he would not have to return for any follow up. That is how God works and I am so grateful for Jesus healing Ezra’s ears!



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120 counties being unified in the state of kentucky to contend for a move of God.

ky 120 tour

The Lord spoke to us to hit every county in Kentucky by the end of 2023. We want to hold revival meetings, outreaches, etc. to bind together with Ministers/Leaders that are hungry for a move of God in their region.

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